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Hi! :) My name is Amber, and I’m a jill of all trades. Momma of 1, blogger at Beautifully BellaFaith, graphic designer at Ambany Designs and social media nut.  I’m 25 years old, and I hail from the rockin’ and rollin’ city of Memphis, TN. New York City, however, is now my NEW home! I stick out like a turd in a punch bowl with my deep Southern accent and infamous Southernisms like “y’all”,  “fixin’ to” and “I’ll tell you what”. Why did I move to NYC? I’m one of those crazy people that found love on the internet. My boyfriend of 3 years, Dennis, lives in Queens. That’s 1,100 miles away from Memphis. The two cities are nothing alike, and I often feel overwhelmed with the differences, but I’m genuinely happy with the drastic change. 

I have three dogs (Abbie, Brodie and Russo) and three cats (Cima, Stella and TJ). My house feels like a zoo sometimes!

I was recently diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). Since I desperately want another baby, I’ve had to change my lifestyle with a combination of supplements (and lots of them) and a low carb, sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free diet.

I’m a frequent visitor of Disney World, and just when I think I know all the answers, they change the questions! [Brownie points to those who caught the Roddy Piper reference].  In addition to Disney, my other interests include pro wrestling, education, organization, traveling, graphic design and spending hours on Pinterest and Instagram.

I started Beautifully BellaFaith in February 2011, and it’s been quite the roller coaster. I have worked with big name companies, as well as smaller businesses needing a boost. Reviewing products is a passion of mine, but I also love being able to give away prizes to my AMAZING readers. Beautifully BellaFaith boasts a strong 70,000+ social media following that grows every day! To see how I can represent your brand, check out my media kit!


Isabella is my only child (for the moment). She’s 5 years old and an absolute angel…most of the time. She enjoys singing, dressing up, watching toy videos on YouTube, and playing games. Her favorite animal is a duck, and her favorite color is yellow! She enjoys Disney just as much as her momma. Her favorite princess is Belle, and her favorite ride is a tie between Dumbo and Mad Tea Party!

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