10 Ways to Effortlessly Dress Your Baby Bump Without Maternity Clothes


10 Ways to Effortlessly Dress Your Baby Bump Without Maternity Clothes

Women who are currently pregnant or trying to get pregnant mostly agree that wearing maternity clothes isn’t exactly fun. Going out and purchasing an entirely new wardrobe for your growing body may not be in your budget, especially once you realize that these outfits will only fit you for a few months. Smart moms-to-be think of ways to stretch their current wardrobe a little further and with more creativity. Here are 10 easy ways to dress your bump without resorting to maternity clothes.

1. Adjustable Jeans

If you basically live in jeans, you may start to feel dismayed once your belly makes it difficult to zip up your favorite pair. Before you go out and admit defeat by buying a pair of maternity jeans, you can make your regular pairs last a little longer as your bump grows. Try the easy ponytail holder trick to keep your jeans comfortable for a few more months.

2. Leggings and Tunics

Another great way to keep your regular wardrobe working for your body as long as possible is with the simple look of leggings and a long tunic. Luckily, this style is currently fashionable right now, so it’s easy to find comfortable pairs of leggings that could work throughout those nine months. With a nice, roomy tunic, you could easily take this style to the very end of your pregnancy.

3. Maxi Dresses

Many moms-to-be also love the look of flowing maxi dresses for their growing bellies. If you already have a favorite maxi dress in your closet, you may still be able to wear it for most of your pregnancy. Most maxi dresses have plenty of space in the loose fabric to allow for some belly room during this exciting time of life.

4. Stretchy Skirts

A stretchy skirt is another great fashion piece that could last throughout your pregnancy and beyond. There’s no need to shop at the maternity store for a special skirt that has one of those belly panels if you choose a skirt that has enough stretch. Try a smooth cotton or jersey knit skirt that has a percentage of spandex in it for best results.

5. Oversized Shirts

Another option for expecting moms is to go through their closets and look for any oversized shirts. Avoid any form-fitting tops that won’t give your belly enough breathing room. Instead, look for shirts that are longer or looser fitting than the others. For most women, you can continue to wear these tops during the first or second trimester of your pregnancy.



6. Shift Dresses

If you want something a little dressier for your maternity style, you can still wear some of your roomier dresses for special occasions. A shift dress from tobi.com that leaves a little room in the midsection is a great style to keep around during your pregnancy. As your belly grows, you can strategically use belts or sweaters to keep your body more comfortable.

7. Swing Dresses

Once your shift dresses stop working for your baby bump, a swing dress may be the next step if you want to completely avoid maternity dresses. Swing dresses have a lot more room in them and are designed to hang loosely on your figure, which works for an expecting mom.

8. Tank Tops

Long tank tops are another simple and inexpensive fashion staple that could last throughout your entire pregnancy. When your body temperature constantly has you feeling uncomfortable, layering with tank tops can help.

9. Shrug Sweaters

Shrug sweaters can be paired with tank tops when you need something quick and simple to cover your arms. The great thing about a small shrug sweater is that it doesn’t need to adjust as much since it only focuses on a small part of your figure.

10. Men’s Polos

The last fashion piece to choose if you don’t want to invest in maternity clothes comes from your husband’s or partner’s closet. A roomy men’s polo shirt could be a great way to cover your bump for a casual day out or at the office. This way, you can easily expand your options significantly. 

If you recently found out you’re expecting, it’s not always necessary to go out and immediately buy hundreds of dollars of maternity outfits. Instead, look through your own closet for these roomy staples to get through the next 40 weeks. 

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