10 Week BUMPdate – Baby is 25% Complete!


Baby is the size of a prune! Bigger than a green olive and growing more every day!

All that baby’s been up to this week:
– Baby keeps looking more and more human every day and is developing internal organs.
– Baby now nearly has the muscle control to make a fist.
– Baby is using his hands to feel his face and mouth, practicing for coordination on the outside.
– Baby weighs about .14oz this week.
– The tip of baby’s nose has developed, and he has a sense of smell, but continues to develop it for the next several months.
– If baby is a boy, he is already producing testosterone.


All that’s been going on with me:

Weight gained: None! I lost more weight and am now down to 198lbs.

Workouts: None.

Symptoms: Frequent urination and gas. Ruh-roh!

Movement: It’s still too early.

Food Aversions: Ground beef continues to be my biggest food aversion.

Food Cravings: Vegetable or minestrone soup. Either will do.

Sleep: I’m feeling a little more energized, but I still sleep a lot.

Stretch Marks: Nope.

Miss Anything?: Nothing comes to mind!

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: I had my midwife appointment today. I no longer have a bladder infection after a round of antibiotics. I go in for a nuchal translucency screening in two weeks, and my midwife said we maaay see if baby is a boy or a girl, but to not expect much. I also go back in four weeks for genetic screening. Making sure baby is healthy!

I also used my doppler for the first time a few days ago. I thought I heard the heartbeat, but after watching videos of other pregnant women using the doppler, it turns out that I heard the placenta instead. I only plan to use it every 1-2 weeks until I feel baby kick for extra reassurance.

Belly Button In or Out: In.

Happy or Moody Most of the Time: Moody.

New Baby Items: I got the FuelBaby Bottle to review. I also received a Broad Box that contained baby lotion, body wash, diaper rash ointment, bib/paci combo, and diaper pail liners. Can’t wait to use them all!

Looking Forward To: Finding out what we’re having!

See you at 11 weeks!


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