20 of the Cutest Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Breakfast in Bed in a Bag
2. Handprint Cards
3. Word Art
4. Handprint Flower
5. Sweet and Simple Mother’s Day Vase

6. Descriptive Writing Ice Cream Cone
7. I Love You Because Booklet
8. Handprint Bouquet
9. Purse Poems
10. Tissue Paper Flowers in Terra Cotta Pot

11. Fingerprint Flower Poem
12. Handprint Flowerpot
13. We Love You Pillow
14. Handprint Card
15. Silhouette Chalkboard

16. Marshmallow Flowers
17. —
18. Handprint Bouquet in Paper Cup
19. We Love You to Pieces Craft Stick Art
20. Thanks For Lighting the Way Match Holder

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