6 Weeks BUMPdate! – Ultrasound, Morning Sickness, and Hamburger Cravings! Oh My!



I finally know my official due date! I had a dating ultrasound today, and the sonographer confirmed that I am indeed 6 weeks pregnant (not nearly 9 like my LMP suggested) and that my due date is September 25th! Knowing my body, there’s a possibility for an October baby. I know I’ll want to slap myself for saying that when I reach the end of my pregnancy and wanting baby O-U-T!



Baby is the size of a Maine blueberry or a sweet pea! Aww! So tiny!

Baby is busy growing, growing and GROWING! At our 4 week ultrasound two weeks ago (the one where we thought I was 6 weeks), my midwife could barely make out a teeny tiny sac. Fast forward to today, and baby grew by leaps and bounds! Take a look!

All that baby’s been up to this week:
– Facial features are forming, making baby look more and more human every day.
– Nasal pits, which will turn into baby’s nose, are forming.
– Baby’s head is very large relative to the rest of the body as the brain is developing rapidly.

– Some very primitive blood has begun to move through baby’s body.

All that’s been going on with me:

Weight gained: I’ll know tomorrow! At my first prenatal appointment two weeks ago, I was actually 7ish pounds lighter than the last time I weighed myself. My appetite hasn’t been very prominent this week, and I’ve been dealing with slight morning sickness, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the number on the scale go down.

Workouts: I walk my daughter to school every day, and that’s a 35-40 minute round trip. Other than that, no workouts for me.

Symptoms: As previously mentioned, I’ve been having slight morning sickness (nausea/dizziness only, no vomiting) and decreased appetite. In addition, I’ve been SUPER bloated and gassy. I would give a TMI alert, but hey…pregnancy is 9 months of too much info! I’m also experiencing fatigue like nobody’s business, as well as sore boobs. 

Movement: Too early! I can’t wait to feel the first flutters!

Food Aversions: Anything that’s not bland. Nothing comes back up, but I can’t even make myself prepare food that’s not loaded with carbs.

Food Cravings: Continuing on from above, all I care to eat is bread, crackers and pasta. I had two McDonald’s hamburgers (only ketchup because I’m a Picky Vicky) today, and I was in Heaven. I haven’t had a McD’s hamburger in AGES. Now I’m craving more…

Sleep: All I do is sleep. My body/baby is telling me to rest, and that’s what I’m doing.

Stretch Marks: I still have faded stretch marks on my sides from my first pregnancy…seven years ago.

Miss Anything?: Bella passed on her cold to me, so I miss being able to take medicine for my ailments. I don’t feel comfortable taking anything until I reach my second trimester. I’ve waited so long for this little miracle. I don’t mind.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: I’ve been separating boxes in the basement, trying to put boxes of baby things in one section of the basement so it’ll be easier for when we start bringing stuff up. It’s a work in progress because I have to open up every single box (there’s gotta be at least 50) to see if it’s full of baby items.

Belly Button In or Out: Still in. I don’t expect it to pop out until later on in my pregnancy.

Wedding Ring On or Off: I’m not married, so…I guess off. I won’t be including this question in my future updates! Lol.

Happy or Moody Most of the Time: Moody…

New Baby Items: I bought breast milk storage bags a week or so ago. I don’t plan on buying anything until we know the sex of the baby.

Looking Forward To: Feeling first flutters/kicks and finding out the sex!


That’s it from me this week! See ya at 7 weeks! That’s when I’ll do my first bump shot!



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