7 Week BUMPdate – All I Do is Sleep


Baby is the size of a raspberry! Bigger than a sweet pea, but still quite tiny!

All that baby’s been up to this week:
– Baby’s stomach is now differentiating into individual components as the digestive system develops.
– Baby’s rudimentary lungs are continuing to develop.
– The areas that will become baby’s feet and hands are now visible.

– The placenta is picking up more and more of the burden of supporting baby.
– Baby’s eyes are just beginning to develop.
– The precursors to baby’s external genitalia are now developing.



All that’s been going on with me:

Weight gained: At my appointment last Friday, I had actually lost 3lbs.

Workouts: I walk my daughter to school every day, and that’s a 35-40 minute round trip. Other than that, no workouts for me.

Symptoms: My only symptoms this week is extreme fatigue and moodiness. I find myself sleeping the day away.

Movement: Still too early.

Food Aversions: None.

Food Cravings: McDonald’s hamburger, Chick fil A chicken biscuit, pulled pork sandwich, and Dixie Cafe chicken and dumplings. It stinks that I’ve had NONE of this this week. šŸ™

Sleep: I’m barely awake.

Stretch Marks: Nope.

Miss Anything?: Nothing that I can think of.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: This week has been pretty uneventful!

Belly Button In or Out: In.

Happy or Moody Most of the Time: Moody…

New Baby Items: Nothing this week!

Looking Forward To: Feeling first flutters/kicks and finding out the sex!

See you at 8 weeks!



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