A Birth Story…

The last three weeks were utter hell. With three trips to the hospital, only to be told to go back home…was beyond frustrating. I swore my water broke twice, but it was just my inability to hold my urine inside of me. Gross, I know. But, hey! It’s pregnancy. A lot of gross things occur. I just wanted this sweet baby girl out of me.

April 16th -I sit in the examination room, waiting for my doctor to visit me and see how I’m doing. I beg to be induced, and she told me that she will check how I’m dilating and effacing. I had to be at least two centimeters dilated in order to get my wish. Turns out…I was EXACTLY two centimeters. She schedules me to be induced on April 19th, 5:30AM sharp. Nothing could have made me happier, other than actually seeing my beautiful daughter arrive.

April 18th -11PM couldn’t come slower. That’s when I had to have an enema, but I didn’t want to do it earlier…cause I wanted to eat for as long as possible. I didn’t sleep at all that night; BIGGEST mistake. Excitement filled my body. I wondered “what will she look like?”, “who will she look like?”, “how much will she weigh?”, and “what time will she make her debut?”. I spent the night looking at her 10 week, 21 week, and 30 week ultrasounds. Nothing less than absolutely breathtaking. She was mine, and NOBODY could take that joy away from me.

April 19th -The day my daughter was born. I entered the emergency room around 5AM, and I was rolled in a wheelchair to the labor and delivery floor at St.Francis hospital. My heart was pounding. I lay in bed, awaiting the intravenous fluids to flow through my veins that shared the same blood as my daughter. I got my epidural at around 5cm. I was dilated to 10cm at 3PM. I bursted out crying. I was scared out of my mind. I couldn’t turn back now. She crowned immediately, but I still pushed for three hours. My doctor finally arrived at the last hour, and she decided that I was becoming too exhausted to push her out without help.
Isabella Faith was vacuumed out at 6:17PM on April 19th, 2010. Weighing in at seven pounds and five ounces…and at the height of 20 inches. As soon as she exited my body, the doctor put her grey body on my chest. Still covered in blood and vernix. The first words I spoke to my brand new beautiful daughter was “I love you”. As the nurse took her from me to weigh her, the color came into her tiny body. While I was delivering the placenta and getting stitched up, I couldn’t stop staring at the human that I created. Laying and crying on the scale. Finally, she was back in my arms.

We left the hospital the following night. Isabella Faith has taught me to become patient, at least with her! She’s taught me that big things come in small packages. She’s taught me that the blessing that are unplanned…are sometimes the greatest. I don’t regret having my daughter, at all. She wouldn’t be the same Isabella if I had her with a different man or at a different time in my life. It doesn’t matter how she got here…she’s here. And, I plan on being the mother that I always desired to be. An AMAZING one. I want to be friends with her, yet her mother at the same time.

I love her. I love her. I love her.Now, at almost ten months old, she’s a happy and healthy baby. Medium brown hair and slate blue eyes.
Isabella Faith – You’re my world. My sanity. My motivation. My daughter.

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