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About Bellybuds
If you ask Curtis Williams (creator and co-founder), the inspiration for bellybuds happened during the 2nd trimester of his wife’s pregnancy with their first child.
“We had read that playing prenatal music to the womb was beneficial – so right around the fifth month, my wife began placing her ipod earbuds on her belly and playing classical music for our daughter.  The only problem was that in order to do that, she had to lie on her back and couldn’t move – which is a lot to ask of my multi-tasking wife.  It seemed like there was a possibility for something more convenient.”
After searching the internet and finding nothing designed specifically for the playing of prenatal music or other sounds from a digital music player to a developing baby in the womb, Curtis decided to pursue the idea. he contacted a friend who was a product designer to help design and engineer the piece.  Initially, he asked him to help make a one of a kind product for his wife, but as they worked on the idea and talked about it with others, Curtis realized that the concept might have a broader appeal. That’s when the endeavor began in earnest to create bellybuds.
Read more about the history of Bellybuds HERE.


For my review, I was graciously sent the Bellybuds – Pregnancy Bellyphones. This allows music to play for the baby inside of the womb. I’ve heard that listening to classical music can stimulate the unborn baby’s brain before, but not anything like this! This is revolutionary! You don’t have to play JUST classical music. You can have the sound of a deployed husband or a family member far away be delivered to your bundle of joy. 
The speakers are wearable for moms-to-be that desire to play music and sounds to a developing child in the womb. The original bellybuds bellyphones audio system plug into any standard digital music device and are specially designed to adhere gently to varying curvature of a pregnant belly.
Whether worn discretely beneath clothing or in full view with an optional pair of decorative buddons speaker covers, bellybuds are are a convenient and effective option for playing audio to the womb.
The package includes:
  • 1 set of bellybuds bellyphones
  • 1 bellyphones dock
  • 4 sets of hydrogel adhesive rings
  • 1 audio splitter
  • 1 set of bellybuds buddons
  • 1 neoprene storage pouch
The Bellybuds bellyphones would make a thoughtful gift to any mommy-to-be! If you’re looking for a UNIQUE baby shower gift, why not give that special lady this awesome product? I can’t wait to actually use this with baby number two!
Purchase It:
You can purchase Bellybuds bellyphones for $49.99 by visiting their Amazon webstore.

Disclaimer: I recieved the above product(s) from Bellybuds free of charge in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are strictly my own.

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