Arctic Zero Frozen Desserts Review

October 9, 2012

… Ever wish you could enjoy all of your favorite foods while maintaining your health? Now you can! If you have a sweet tooth, you don’t have to give it up! Arctic Zero offers a variety of yummy dessert treats that you’d NEVER guess are healthy! … … Arctic Zero sent me a nice selection of their ice cream pints and bars. Can you believe that ONE pint equals to…


Zevia Zero Calorie Soda Review + Giveaway [CLOSED]

October 8, 2012

… I am still struggling with losing the last 10-15 pounds of baby weight (can I still call it that?), and one of my biggest weaknesses is sodas. The sugary goodness calls my name every time I open the refrigerator door. I can’t say no! The longest I’ve deprived myself of sodas was two months, earlier this year. I try time and time again to break the habit, but to…


Sun-Dried Tomato and Garlic Baked Chicken using Char Crust! +Giveaway [CLOSED]

September 15, 2012

… I love chicken. ALL kinds of chicken. ANY season. ANY sauce. Chicken is one of the healthiest meats that you can consume. It’s constantly on my plate throughout the week, and it provides me with a nourishing amount of protein. Char Crust has the BEST rubs available, whether you’re baking, broiling or grilling! … … I know I mentioned chicken, but Char Crust Dry-Rub Seasoning can be used on…


Farm Rich Review & Giveaway [CLOSED]

I am a picky eater. An extreeeeemely picky eater. I’m always apprehensive when reviewing food products because of my discriminating taste buds. I enjoy burning hot foods, and I honestly believe that eating those kind of foods for 20+ years has stripped away some of my taste buds. When I was given the opportunity to review FarmRich, I was worried that I wouldn’t like what I reviewed. I decided to…

July 27, 2012

Honolulu Bob Burger Recipe + Country Bob’s All Purpose Steak Sauce Giveaway [CLOSED]

… I am a steak and potatoes kinda gal. Even though “vegan” and “vegetarian” are two of my top search queries for Beautifully BellaFaith, I am a full-fledged carnivore. I prefer my steak medium-well, and I expect my sauce to be delectable. Lucky for me, I was able to try out the best of the best of steak sauces – Country Bob’s! … … I received two mouth watering bottles…

July 25, 2012

PB Crave Review & Giveaway [CLOSED]

… Ever wondered what peanut butter tastes like with different flavors mixed within? I certainly have. To be honest, until recently, I never experimented. Whenever I consume peanut butter, it’s strictly on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. PB Cravehas unique peanut butter flavors that will excite your taste buds and make you question your plain jar of peanut butter. …   For my review, PB Crave sent a jar…

July 19, 2012

#4thofjuly Chobani Yogurt Review

Ahh, greek yogurt. We have had a love/hate relationship. Greek yogurt normally tastes very sour and bitter. The first cup I bought back in February, I could not get that horrid taste out of my mouth. Isabella, on the other hand, devoured it. She is one of those “healthy food over junk food” toddlers. Am I lucky or what? Whenever I dislike a healthy snack, she’ll gobble it down. However,…

July 2, 2012

In The Raw Review & Giveaway [CLOSED]

… Can you believe that this is the first year of my life that I cooked my own food? I was tired of the unhealthy grub that was made for me day in and day out, and I decided to take it upon myself to learn how to cook on my own. A few personal favorites include lemon-peppered chicken, chicken and dumplings and chili. However, I have yet to conquer…

June 30, 2012

Tyler’s Coffee – Gourmet Low Acid Coffee Review

Are you like the majority of Americans and require coffee to kick start your day? If so, why not give Tyler’s Coffee a go?  When I discovered that their coffee is acid-free, I was quite skeptical. Could it taste as delicious as coffee with acid? Hmm, I was about to find out! Did you know that drinking acid-free coffee can minimize damage to tooth enamel and reduce acid reflux? Additionally,…

June 7, 2012

Dale and Thomas Gourmet Popcorn – Father’s Day 4-Pack Sampler Review & Giveaway [CLOSED]

Father’s Day is almost here! Have you thought about what you are getting for your dad or grandpa? If you’re stuck in a rut, why not rely on Dale and Thomas Popcorn? Their delicious, one-of-a-kind gourmet popcorn will be sure to leave brightened smiles on the men in your life! Dale and Thomas sent me their Father’s Day Six-Bag Sampler to try out. In the sampler, I received the savory…

May 31, 2012

Skinny Water Review & #GIVEAWAY – CLOSED

I have teamed up with Be Rich Be Frugal to present to you this wonderful review and giveaway of Skinny Water. If you’re looking for the perfect sports drink that will thoroughly quench your thirst, this is the drink for you. Read on for the full review….. Here’s the skinny: I have never been keen on drinking energy drinks, diet drinks, or anything along those lines. It’s not that I am protesting…

May 17, 2012

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Dale and Thomas Popcorn!

Let it be known – I am a HUGE fan of Dale and Thomas Popcorn. When I think of delicious, mouthwatering popcorn, I think of Dale and Thomas. Why? Because it’s not like anything you’ve ever tasted. I have yet to experience anything unappealing to my taste buds from them! If you’re still looking for something to get for your mommy on Mother’s Day, visit Dale and Thomas! You’re sure…

May 7, 2012