Comfort Zone® with Feliway® Products NOW Available!

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I recently heard and was informed about a product called Comfort Zone® with Feliway® products that is currently now available. This product is designed specifically for cats. What exactly is it, though? Cats are territorial creatures. They're curious by nature, but they don't like to move their home. Whether your cat is experiencing stress due to strangers, family gatherings or holiday travel, Comfort Zone®with Feliway®products can help reduce stress-related behavior in cats. It mimicks their natural pheromones that aides them in feeling calm and comfortable in their environment. 

Comfort Zone®products are 95% effective against scratching and urine markings for cats. We know how irritating that might be. The Comfort Zone®with Feliway®Diffuser releases an odorless vapor that imitates the soothing feline facial pheromone throughout the day. It is also useful in households with multiple cats, as it helps keep them calm, cool and collected around one another. 

The Comfort Zone®with Feliway®Spray can be used on areas where your cat has recently sprayed or scratched. Additionally, it is good to use in crates to keep your feline calm during their travel. It is recommended that you allow 90 days to see a difference in your pet. If your cat is is experiencing a medical issue, consult your veterinarian before using Comfort Zone®with Feliway®products.

You can purchase Comfort Zone®products at PetSmart, Petco, independent pet stores and online. There is a $10 off coupon when you visit their website.

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