HABA USA Brings A Smile To Bella’s Face!

Ever wondered what happened to the good ol’ wooden toys? Don’t worry because HABA Toys has PLENTY of wooden toys to choose from. I browsed their website thoroughly for days, and I was in complete awe over what I saw. Isabella would love the majority of them, and I was thrilled to hear that she would be reviewing two toys!

Isabella received the Clutching Toy Loop-a-Ling and the Pure Nature Magic Leaf Ball. She is still into toys for younger babies, and both of these toys were a huge hit. As soon as I took the picture above, I took the toys into her room. She immediately gravitated towards the Pure Nature Magic Leaf Ball!

The ball is quite soft and is really colorful. The patterns seen on the ball help stimulate visual development. It is made with organic cotton {which I like!} and polyester. Isabella has eczema, and certain fabrics can irritate her skin. I was worried that since this ball isn’t hard and plastic like the others and made of fabric instead, that it would bother her sensitive skin. It didn’t!


Isabella enjoys throwing the ball, and I don’t have to worry about her breaking something! That’s pretty awesome, right? She also likes being the catcher. Isabella kept handing me the ball for me to throw so she could find it! Toddlers love being the seeker.

The Clutching Toy Loop-a-Ling is an excellent toy for younger babies. Isabella wasn’t interested in it in the least, so I decided to let one of my girlfriends’ babies try it out. Her son LOVED it! He was playing with the rings on the toy for what seemed like hours.

It is made of maple wood and colored with water-based, non-toxic stain.

These two toys are perfect for babies ages 0-2, and they would make fabulous baby shower gifts for the momma-to-be in your life!

You can purchase both toys on HABA USA’s website. The Clutching Toy Loop-a-Ling is valued at $14.99, and the Pure Nature Magic Leaf Ball is $23.99. I do feel like the ball is a bit overpriced, but it is worth every penny.

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