Heelys – Review

We’ve all seen young children roll around with Heelys on their feet. As I witnessed this, I kept thinking, “Why can’t I be a kid again?”. Seriously, kids have the coolest things now! Years ago, my youngest brother received a pair of Heelys for his birthday. He was BEYOND obsessed. So obsessed you could not pry them off of him! I’m not sure if he still wears them, but I wouldn’t doubt it. I was shocked to hear that Heelys has “grown-up” sizes. Uh…sign me up!!!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Heelys – They are shoes that have wheels in the bottom. They allow the person who is wearing them to go from walking to rolling by shifting the weight to the heel. Don’t worry – If you need them to be regular street shoes, the wheels are easily (and I do mean EASILY)  removable.

 I was graciously sent a pair of the Wave Gray/Pink Heelys. Since Heelys’ sizes run a tad bit big, I decided to go with a size 6 (I usually wear a size 7(1/2). The fit is perfect! It’s not tight at all, but it doesn’t fall off my feet whenever I walk either. The shoe laces didn’t come already tied up, so I had to do that myself. I attempted to do the straight-across laces…but I failed. Epically! So, I laced them up the old-fashioned way – criss-cross. My Heelys were ready to wear! …well, minus the wheels – obviously!

 I imagined that the wheels would be difficult to insert into the bottom of each shoe…but I was pleasantly surprised. After carefully reading the well-written step-by-step directions, I was able to place them in the slot without ANY problems. 

All you do is:
  • Look where the pre-installed heel plug is
  • Insert the heel plug removal tool into the back of the heel plug. Then push down with the hand grip.
  • Continue pushing down until the heel plug comes out of the bracket
  • Align the wheel into the bracket the best you can
  • Make a fist and hit the wheel with the bottom of your fist to fully set the axles into the bracket
  • Inspect the wheels/axles to make sure they are seated straight in the bracket so that the wheels spin freely and without any snags. 


 Let’s chat about the looks of the pair of Heelys I received. These look like shoes that I would wear anyway. Add on the wheels…and it’s as if I’m in heaven. The colors are bright and vivid. I’m a huge PINK fan; most of my shoes are pink – or has pink on them. The Wave Gray/Pink pair is ridiculously pretty! The first thing I did when I took them out of the package was take pictures and post it on Facebook! I wanted to show all my personal friends that even adults can rock (err…roll) Heelys!!

Please excuse my dry legs. Yucky.

Features of the Wave Heelys

  • Mock toe court styling with contrast color piping and embroidered quarter logo
  • Synthetic nubuck and synthetic leather upper
  • Fats low profile wheel with ABEC 1 bearings


Heelys is throwing a Black Friday special! Between November 25th and November 28th, buy any pair of Heelys and get your second pair for only $25! Or…you can purchase a Nano, and get a pair of shoes for $25 PLUS free ground shipping on all orders!!

Heelys make the PERFECT Christmas present to any kid! They’ll be antsy to skate inside the house as soon as they open the present!
Be sure to check out Heelys on Facebook and Twitter for future deals, promotions and updates!

Disclaimer: I received the above product(s) from Heelys free of charge in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received. However, all opinions are strictly my own.

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