Imagine Toys Deluxe Stable Play Set Review

Isabella is getting to the age where she’s discovering her favorites – favorite foods, favorite colors and even favorite animals. Being a toddler, her favorites change from week to week (and sometimes even day to day). One of her favorites that seems to be a mainstay is horses. She loves horses. She’s only been around a live horse a few times, but she adores looking at pictures and playing with horse figurines that I passed down to her from my childhood.

Imagine Toys kindly sent me a fantastic toy with my daughter’s interest in mind.

For our review, Imagine Toys kindly sent us a Deluxe Stable Play Set. The stable is rather large and is the perfect size for my growing (almost) 3-year old. In addition to the grand stable, the play set includes a 10-inch doll fully clothed in cowgirl attire, a horse with reigns and saddle, and a variety of stable accessories. The accessories include a spray bottle, feed tub, water bucket, feed bucket, hay bale, three carrots, apple, dandy brush, 2 feed bags, curry brush, pitchfork, wheel barrow, broom, hoof pick, hoof oil can and stickers. The majority of the accessories are quite tiny, so I had to store them away until she gets old enough to not put small objects in her mouth.

Isabella is big into dolls, as well as horses. She immediately gravitated towards them and put the doll on the horse. She knew exactly what to do!

The Deluxe Stable Play Set comes with either a Palomino or Bay horse. I’m not an expert on horse breeds, but it looks like we received the Palomino! I appreciated that the horse wasn’t made of plastic. It’s “fur” is soft and actually looks like a real horse, not a horse that’s all cartoon-y. The legs are even pose-able!

She had a blast taking off the horse’s saddle and putting it back on again. This is great in aiding fine motor skill development.

The stable allows for two horses to call it home. It has two separate compartments for each horse with a swing-out yellow door. Isabella is able to easily place her new horse in and out of the stable whenever she pleases.

My absolute favorite feature of this stable is how STURDY it is! I’m not going to lie – the moment I left her room and came back, she was sitting on the stable. I had to tell her that it’s not a chair, but I was thankful that the stable was strong enough to hold an extra 30lbs on top of it.

Whether you have a horse lover or just a lover of fun play in your life, the Deluxe Stable Play Set would make an ideal gift!

Imagine Toys has an array of awesome toys ranging from jewelry crafts to musical instrument toys and from push and pull toys to dance toys. They have toys for practically every age from newborn to 11+.

You can purchase the Deluxe Stable Play Set on Imagine Toys’ website on sale for $74.97! It is originally $99.95. Trust me, it is worth every penny.

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