Isaac Approves of Feline Greenies SmartBites Treats!


In case you’re new on Beautifully BellaFaith, I adopted a precious Maine Coon kitten named Isaac just days after the passing of my beloved Stanley {who was also a Maine Coon}. Maine Coons are my absolute favorite breed, and I know once I get my own place when my nursing career is established…I will do my duty and adopt quite a few cats {both kittens and seniors}. Isaac is a picky eater, as his foster parents gave him the best of the best gourmet kitten food. We kept buying the same bag of kitten food, with no variety…until we reviewed Feline Greenies!

We received five 2.1oz bags of delicious cat treats for Isaac {and my other two felines} to test out. As soon as I laid down the treats on the floor, Isaac rapidly pranced over and devoured them like it was going out of style. I couldn’t believe that my picky eater was chowing down on food that wasn’t the brand we normally purchase! I was even more pleased that these cat treats were highly nutritious. Each bag had a designated health benefit – healthy skin&fur, hairball control and digestive care. It’s hard for me to choose which flavor was Isaac’s favorite, since he responded to each equally. The salmon flavor was probably his favorite. Although, if Isaac could talk, I know he might disagree! He’s a fiesty little dude!

Lucy, my flame-point Siamese, even thought it was scrumptious! Look at her licking her lips! 😛

Lucy experiences frequent hairballs, and I was hopeful that Feline Greenies SmartBites would help minimize those occurrences. The Hairball Control treats feature a combination of plant-based fibers which supposedly helps decrease hairballs. She still has hairballs here and there, but they have greatly been reduced! The hard crunchy shell along with the creamy filling provides for health benefits that will keep my felines around for many years to come.

The Healthy Skin and Fur treats contain fish oil, a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids and whole ground flaxseed! The Digestive Care treats contain a natural fiber in coconut meal that aids healthy digestion.

Feline Greenies receives two paws up from all of kitties! 🙂

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