Mindware – Brainy Toys for Kids of All Ages Review

Isabella is getting to the age where she is interested in learning about the world around her. I’m an advocate for early education, while making it fun and enjoyable. When I was a child, I remembered best when it wasn’t forced. Probably why I hate math! LOL 😉

While searching for educational toys to fit Isabella’s  level for the next year, I stumbled upon MindWare and the mass array of products that I’m sure Isabella will love for many years to come.

Mindware sent their Let’s Play School Set for me to review. I was in awe of how much this set included – over 149 pieces! A clock, 2-sided map, 2-sided calender, hand pointer, dry erase board, school supplies pocket, eraser, blank note pad, hall passes, awards, worksheets, crayons, pencils, hand bell, good job stickers, grade book and report cards! WOW! Some of the items I will hold back for when she knows how to read and write – but others I know she will enjoy around Christmas/New Year’s.

You can often find Isabella playing school with her stuffed animals. She likes to teach them colors, numbers and letters – along with every nursery rhyme under the big blue sky. I remember playing school with my ridiculous amount of plush friends. Like mother, like daughter!

Now, her teaching career will be taken to the next level! She can teach her lessons using the Let’s Play School Set. This adorable play set will grow with Isabella over the next few years. She’ll move on from her stuffed animal students to her little (real life) buddies.

The Let’s Play School Set folds up for portability and storage! Isabella can tote it around from one place to another without anything spilling out.

This is recommend for ages 3 and up. I do have to add, though – this set is a little bit overpriced at $40. However, I do find it to be worth the money!

You can purchase the Let’s Play School Set for $39.95.

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  1. Let us know how she takes to it. I always seem to find that the pictureof the ads look way more fun & engrossing than in reality. Just from what I’ve seen. Even if she plays pretend school (which is so adorable btw), will she really learn from it?

  2. Just checked out site, really cool!! Makes me wanna be a kid again. lol I have to mention, my personal exp. is based on boys 1 to 4 yrs. It could just be a developmental thing for certain activities.

  3. I love an educational toy that a child can play for a long time and still continue to learn something new. Considering the use that the toy will get over the years, I don’t think that the price is so unreasonable.

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