Mommy Bus – Adorable Dog & Pet Carrier – Review & Giveaway [CLOSED]

The entire month of July, I will be giving my awesome readers pet reviews and giveaways. The inspiration for this event came from the death of my beloved cat, Stanley, and the arrival of my playful kitten, Isaac. It has been a little over a month since the passing of Stanley, and I think about him at least once every single day. His spirit is obviously living on through Isaac because they have almost identical personalities. The little quirks that Stanley had that I once thought were incredibly unique are now passed down to Isaac. Hanging on the chair, waving, the way he meows. It’s as if Stanley purposefully sent Isaac to us to help us cope. 

If your cats are anything like mine, you cringe at the thought of putting them in a plastic carrier. Not only are they uncomfortable, they provide little room and air. I remember taking Stanley to the veterinarian on the day he was put to sleep like it was only yesterday. We had such a hard time putting him in the carrier because his back leg muscles were practically non-existent. If we had the Mommy Bus at the time, it would have provided him the utmost comfort during his final moments, even though his brain was shutting down due to the frequent seizures. Instead of having to push him inside, we could have gently set him inside of the Mommy Bus

Even though Stanley has walked across the rainbow bridge, he left behind two kitty buddies – Sally and Lucy. Less than a week after his passing, Isaac joined our clan. I was a little apprehensive about getting a new kitten so soon, but we knew it would heal our hearts. Stanley would be so happy to know that his legacy is living on through his mini-me, although not related. Isaac, his brother and sister were in desperate need for a furever home. My brother and I were on a mission to find a kitten that resembled Stanley. Isaac was it. If it were up to me, we would have taken in his siblings, but we didn’t have the room or funds for them. I pray that other cat lovers out there found it in their heart (and wallet) to take those two precious felines in.

I received the Cat Celebrity Package and the Adopt and Rescue Tee to review. I absolutely adore this simple t-shirt. I am a huge animal lover, and I hope to continue doing my part in adopting and rescuing canines and felines alike. 

Memphis is blazing with temperatures reaching 104 and up. I slipped this t-shirt on after a long, hot afternoon, and I felt instantly cooler. The rounded-collar shirt is made of thin fabric, but that’s perfect for summer weather. Although I’m usually a size medium when it comes to t-shirts, I was sent an XL size from the junior’s section. I’m glad they did! It fit perfectly! The shirt was roomy, but not baggy. 

The hot pink silkscreen is perfect for teen girls and young adults. The words “adopt” and “rescue” make a dog and a cat intertwining their tails into a heart. The message of this t-shirt is simple but highly inspirational. 

While I was on vacation in Florida, I was contacted by another blogger saying that I won their Mommy Bus giveaway. I was so ecstatic. Instead of cat lover items, I received the Puppy Love Tee and a WOOF Hoodie. I’m contemplating whether to give these to my sister, who has a few dogs…or save it for myself for when I hopefully get a dog in a few years. The material is the same was the Adopt Rescue Tee. So cute!

The MEOW Hoodie is part of the Celebrity Package. Oh my word, this is the most heavenly hoodie I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing. Of course, I had to try this out indoors with my air conditioner on full blast, but wow! All of the hoodies that I own aren’t soft and luxurious like this one. The material is eco-fleece, cotton and polyester. The MEOW is a distressed applique that makes the hoodie POP! 

If Memphis gets a real winter this year, I can rest easy knowing that I have the best hoodie around to keep my upper body nice and warm. It has a shoe string hood tie and a kangaroo pocket in the front.  I received a size large, and it fits pretty well. The sleeves are a little long, as is the hoodie itself. However, I actually prefer my hoodies that way. I have a short torso, so I attribute it to that.

The MEOW Hoodie is perfect for the cat lover in your life!

The WOOF Hoodie also came with my giveaway win. The colors of both hoodies are right up my alley! I love that I don’t even have to have a dog to wear it, LOL. 

Last, but not least, the Mommy Bus! This thing is TOO cool! Isaac (and my other two kitties) will be riding around in style! Included with the Mommy Bus is an adorable calico cat plush that doubles as a hand puppet. Isabella loves puppets, and she immediately gravitated to it! I’m so glad that I’m instilling a love for animals so early in her. She knows not to pull a cat’s tail or fur, and she knows to pet them nicely. I tell her “hitting and pulling kitty’s tail makes them cry”.

Isaac’s next set of kitten shots is just a little bit away, and I wanted him to become familiar with his new carrier beforehand. I placed him inside, and he didn’t want to come out! If I could read his mind, I know he was thinking something along the lines of “Wow, this rocks! Everything is soft and padded! Thanks, Mommy!”. I love my furson so much!

The Mommy Bus has so many amazing, useful features. It has an easy access top entry that I discussed earlier in my review. Whether you’re dealing with a sickly cat or a rowdy youngster, putting them in via the top is the least stressful way to put a cat inside of any type of carrier. Less stressful for you and your feline friend. 

The front window can zip open and close to your convenience. If you have a small boy like mine, leaving it closed is probably the best idea unless you want them flying out. Since we’re at home, we left the front window open. He thought it was so fun jumping in and out through it!

On the outside of the Mommy Bus are large storage pockets that you can place your pet’s food, an umbrella, your cell phone, etc. Why tug along a carrier AND a purse when you can have all in one?

The wheels can also store smaller items and can be zipped open and close. 

The Mommy Bus can carry cats and dogs up to 15lbs. Unfortunately, my flame-point Siamese Lucy didn’t make the cut. She’s a hefty girl, but sweet as can be to little Isaac. Even though she can’t be carrier around in it, she still attempts to squeeze into the carrier to hide from being pounced on by her adopted son. 

When Isaac was inside of the Mommy Bus, Lucy was peeping in to check up on him. She never had any kittens of her own, but her motherly instincts are shining through! Our other cat, Sally, is a full-blooded Korat. She’s not so nice to the newest addition. However, Isaac is letting her know that she’s not going to pick on him. He’s letting her know he’s going to be bigger than her REAL soon. Korats are usually on the smaller side, and Isaac is a Maine Coon. I can’t wait to see him at his full growth, along with that notorious Maine Coon MANE!!

The bottom pad cover is washable, which is great just in case Isaac has any accidents. Hey, there’s no room for a litter box in there, and it’s ridiculous to expect him to hold it!

The Mommy Bus measures 15″ in length and 14″ in height. Perfect for Isaac…for now. Once he reaches his adult size, he probably won’t be able to ride in it. Maine Coons are known for being the biggest cat breed. 

You can purchase the Cat Celebrity Package for $125. The MEOW and WOOF Hoodie can be yours for $49 each. The Adopt Rescue Tee is $14.95, while the Puppy Love Tee is $23.95.

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One lucky Beautifully BellaFaith reader is going to win a MEOW Hoodie, Adopt Rescue Tee and Puppy Love Tee. The giveaway will end July 28th 11:59PM EST. Winner will have 48 hours to respond before another will be drawn. You do not have to be a blogger to enter or win. Beautifully BellaFaith is not responsible for prizes that are lost, damaged or stolen. Good luck! :)

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