Oliver’s Labels Review!

Hello readers! I got the chance to review Oliver’s Labels! They sent me five original labels, five mini labels, two shoe labels, and five Stick-eez clothing labels in their Sweethearts design. Oh my goodness, these are absolutely adorable! I thought they were cute in pictures, but in person…they look even better.
 About Oliver’s Labels: (this is from the brouchure I received)
Our beautiful products are made from high-performance, waterproof, and scuff-proof materials that have been tested to be durable in a huge range of environments. Our sticky labels can be used on items that go in the dishwasher, microwave, fridge, freezer and outdoors. Our clothing labels are easy to apply and can be thrown into the washing machine and dryer. Oliver’s Labels are the perfect way to identify all your kids’ stuff so it comes back home again!
I put one of the original labels on one of Isabella’s many bottles. It gives her ordinarily boring-looking ‘baba’ some pizazz! She’s not in daycare, nor will she ever be. But, when she goes into preschool…these will come in handy! I can’t wait to REALLY use them! The design I chose is so girly, which I love. Little hearts and swirls in the background. On the original, mini and shoe labels – her name in white with a black border around the letters. It’s easily legible. On the Stick-eez clothing labels – her name is in black.
These also come in good use when going to an event where there are lots of little ones, such as baby showers and birthday parties. With all those bottles and sippy cups floating and flying everywhere…it can be confusing as to who’s bottle is whose. With these fabulous labels, you will no longer suffer from that annoying issue.
Oliver’s Labels has LOTS of different designs that you can choose from! Everything from sea life to animal faces to camo!
Not only are these beautiful labels practical…they’re extremely durable. Even though they’ve only been through one wash, the labelremained to stay on with no sign of it coming off of the bottle.
The original labels are GREAT for bottles, sippy cups, school supplies, and much much more!
The mini labels are WONDERFUL for narrow items. Like, writing utensils, art supplies, toothbrushes, and more!
The shoe labels come in left and right foot shapes.
The Stick-eez clothing labels are SUPERB for putting on your child’s tags! No iroing or sewing!
Oliver’s Labels also sells iron-on clothing labels, safety wristbands, large taps, and small tags.
This are the instructions that were written on the zippie bag that the labels came in:
Original and Mini Labels-
Remove a label from the liner (avoid touching the sticky side) and apply to any clean, dry, smooth surface. Run your finger over the label, pressing firmly to ensure strong contact with the item. For use in the dishwasher, wait about 4 hours after applying.

Shoe Labels-
Remove a label from the liner (avoid touching the sticky side) and apply to clean, dry insole of your shoe. Use the right foot-shaped label for the right shoe and left foot-shaped label for the left shoe.

Note: The above labels are designed with a permanent adhesive that does not feel strong to the touch but will firmly bond to any smooth, clean surface.

Stick-eez Clothing Labels-
No ironing, no sewing! Remove the label from the liner (avoid touching the sticky side) and apply to the ‘care-tag’ of your garment. Firmly press the label onto the tag to ensure strong contact.

You can buy the products in packs, by item:
Original Labels – 40 labels per pack for $19.99
Mini Labels – 100 labels per pack for $19.99
Shoe Labels – 28 labels per pack (which is 14 pairs) for $19.99
Stick-eez Clothing Labels – 70 labels per pack for $19.99
Iron-on Clothing Labels – 60 labels per pack for $19.99
Safety Wristbands – 17 wristbands per pack for $11.99
Large Tag – 1 tag per pack for $4.99
Small Tags – 3 tags per pack for $7.99
Oliver’s Labels also offers five packages that you can choose from:
Starter Package $26.99
It includes 20 original labels, 35 Stick-eez clothing labels, and 3 small tags.
Preschool Package $33.99
It includes 20 original labels, 14 shoe labels (which is 7 pairs), 35 Stick-eez clothing labels, and 1 large tag.
Clothing Package $36.99
It includes 14 shoe labels (which is 7 pairs), 30 iron-on clothing labels, 35 Stick-eez clothing labels, and 3 small tags.
Scool Package $41.99
It includes 20 original labels, 30 mini labels, 6 shoe labels (which is 3 pairs), 35 Stick-eez clothing labels, 3 small tags, and 1 large tag.
Camp Package $58.99
It includes 20 original labels, 50 mini labels, 14 shoe labels (which is 7 pairs), 35 Stick-eez clothing labels, 30 iron-on clothing labels, and 2 large tags.
Oliver’s Labels also has a FREE online tracking system! On your label, there will be numbers on the side…and Oliver’s Labels website on the bottom. This is great if the item you had the label on went missing! Oliver’s Labels will act as the middle person, so everything is confidential.
This is the Found-it Tracking System description on the little brouchure I received with my product sample:
“Oliver’s Labels FREE online lost-and-found! Oliver’s Labels gives you the option of printing a Found-It Tracking System code on your labels for FREE!
How does it work? If you ever lose an item with a Found-it code, have no fear! When someone finds the item they will be prompted to go to oliverslabels.com. There, they will find instructions to enter your unique code. We then match you to the code and send a notification email. Oliver’s Labels acts as an intermediary between you and the finder so you never have to share any of your personal contact information on your labels.

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