Pulse Yoga – Review

About Pulse Yoga’s Founder
Argie Ligeros Tang has studied a myriad of yoga styles from some of the great masters. Argie opened the first Yoga College of India for Bikram Choudrury in 1978. She has taught over 15,000 yoga classes and has developed yoga programs for schools, corporations, hospitals and television. Argie became certified as a fitness instructor at The University of California, Los Angles and began applying yoga principles and postures to athletic training programs. She developed a fitness system called “Y4A” which she has taught to a range of athletes from the elite level Olympian to recreational weekend warrior.
 For my review, I received Pulse Yoga‘s 3-DVD Set. The first out of the set, Basic, introduces the concept of micro movements within a posture. Key areas such as abdominal, lower back and gluteus muscles are targeted. Alternating left/right pulse movements with free weights define and sculpt the upper body. 

  • Apply the use of free weights in novel ways to basic yoga postures
  • Strengthen and tone key areas such as abdominals, lower back, upper arms, and gluteus
  • Teach core awareness
  • Stretch chronically tight areas such as hamstrings and hip flexors


The second DVD, Balance and Tone, balance in motion is emphasized here by connecting standing balancing postures in order to master control over the body in any position. Efficient simultaneous movements of free weights tone the upper body.

The third DVD, Stamina and Strength, builds stamina and strength through more intense use of free weights. Inner thigh stretching and strengthening, hip flexability and toning of the gluteus muscles is emphasized.
I also received Pulse Yoga‘s Express DVD. This is for when you don’t have a long period of time in which to fit in yoga. If you only have 30 minutes to spare, this DVD is perfect for you! You can pack a lot of “Pulse” into that short of time. It is a condensed routine that addresses major workout needs.
Express includes an exclusive interview with Argie and Prisca. You can also learn about the development and history of Pulse Yoga.
My thoughts? 
I’m a huge fan of yoga, and these DVDs encouraged me to get back into it. I’m not going to lie. I’ve been pretty lazy lately. This has gotten be back in the groove! Since exercising along with these DVDs, I’ve noticed that my back pain has decreased tremendously. I’ve even gained a little bit more flexability!
Purchase It
You can purchase the DVDs mentioned above by visiting Pulse Yoga’s website
Disclaimer: I received the above product(s) from Pulse Yoga free of charge in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received. However, all opinions are strictly my own. 

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