So, I finally decided to make myself a blog…

After months of contemplating, I have decided to make my own blog! I’ve been entering various giveaways on other blogs, and I thought – “How cool would it be if I could do the same thing?”. Well, I’m going to attempt to do so. I hope to bring reviews and giveaways to my readers (hopefully I get some soon!). I also expect to write about my parenting journey as a young mother. Since none of y’all know me, I think I’ll answer a few questions about myself. Please feel free to comment and ask any questions!

1. How old are you?
I’m 21 years old. So, yes…I’m young. But, please, don’t confuse that with ignorance. Although I had a child rather young, I consider myself an extraordinary mother.

2. How old is your daughter?
She is 2 years old.

3. What are some of your hobbies?
My hobbies include playing with my babygirl, photography, graphic design, and shopping (of course!). I’m into classic rock, country, and pop music. 

4. So…your love life? Explain.
I’m in a committed relationship with my boyfriend, Frank. We’ve been together since May 15th, 2011. It hasn’t been all dandelions and roses, but we’re perfect for each other. He has taught me so much about life.

5. How can I contact you to review my product?
Email me at: All product pitches are welcome!

7. What’s your Twitter/FB/Networked Blogs page?
FB Fan Page
Twitter page
Networked Blogs page 

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  1. Well, Welcome to the blogging world, I am rookie too! I hope you have fun. Congratulation on your engagement and your new journey as a mother. I am a young mother too, it's great! My kids are my life and I enjoy every moment of my motherhood, also have the energy to handle them! 😉
    Nice to meet you Amber
    bloggy mom Fara from Little things Creations
    BTW- nice blog!;)

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