SUPERPRETZEL Sweet Cinnamon Pretzels Review

As I have mentioned on previous blog posts, I am on my quest to shed the rest of my baby weight. Can I still call it baby weight after almost three years? Yes? Okay. I have a confession. While salty foods are my biggest weakness, I also have quite the sweet tooth. Sometimes it’s difficult to curb that craving, and I unfortunately binge. I recently stumbled upon this delicious snack OR dessert that is perfect for that special treat without hurting my waistline!

I received two boxes of SUPERPRETZEL‘s Sweet Cinnamon Pretzels! My daughter is a bigger cinnamon fan than I am, but I still wanted to get a taste. Since I’m watching my waistline, I decided just to make one pretzel to split between us. One pretzel equals 190 calories. That’s not too bad for a treat or dessert once or twice a week!

You can make these pretzels one of two ways – conventional/toaster oven or microwave. I’m not a fan of microwaving unless I’m heating up leftovers, so I decided to bake them in my oven. While the microwave option is quicker (just taking a mere 30 seconds to cook), the oven option isn’t that far behind. It only takes 5-6 minutes until the pretzels are complete and ready to devour! Even though I don’t usually like cinnamon, these pretzels were scrumptious. I gave my daughter half of it, and she kept remarking on how “yummy” it was!

If you’re not trying to lose weight, you can dazzle the pretzels up by topping it with cinnamon sugar, dunking it in icing, dipping it in chocolate sauce, or sandwiched with ice cream. The possibilities are endless, and writing this makes me want another one.

You can purchase SUPERPRETZEL products in the frozen snacks section of your local retail store and supercenter.

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