The Best Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas and Recipes

Beautifully BellaFaith wishes everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! Credit: None found These “I love you more than” cookies would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to a significant other, child, parent or friend. The cookies can be any flavor! Credit: Homemade Serenity Make Valentine’s Day-esque lanterns and candles by using colored tissue. So creative!  … Credit: The Peanut Paint Shop … > Credit: Griffith’s Rated … Credit: Mom Endeavors ……

February 7, 2013

Great Thanksgiving Recipes and Craft Ideas

November 6, 2012

        From my family to yours – Happy Thanksgiving!     Credit:   Create this by using dollar store glasses and sticker letters. Fill with cinnamon sticks, pine cones and acorns. … Credit: The Pink Ink Doodle   … Credit: Acroma Cucina . … . … Credit: Hostess Blog … . … Credit: Sties Thoughts … … Credit: Amy – New Nostalgia … …   Credit:…


30+ Fabulous Christmas Ideas

November 2, 2012

    Merry Christmas! Enjoy these adorable Christmas crafts and yummy Christmas recipes for you and your family.         Credit:       Credit: Olives and Pickles   Make a Christmas tree out of felt and use buttons as ornaments for a counting activity. …   Credit: Mrs.Karen’s Class Have your kids make a Christmas tree out of scrapbook or construction paper. The possibilities are endless!…


Top Halloween Craft Ideas and More

September 2, 2012

  …   Halloween is rapidly approaching. Do you and your kids have costumes already made or bought? Isabella is going as Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty. If you’re a crafter, you’re gonna want to see this post! I have compiled the top Halloween craft ideas for 2012. Some you can do with kids, some…not so much. Regardless, the fun shall be limitless!  …     Credit: Honey and Fitz  …


30 Organization Tips, Tricks and Ideas That Will Make You Go Ah-ha!

July 14, 2012

    Credit: Pharaoh Storehouse   Use this trick to store cans and save pantry space! If you live in a small apartment, this could be vital! …     Credit: Houzz   This is one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” ideas. No longer will you have to take out every single pan!   …   Credit: The Kitchn   Use a magnetic strip to organize your…