The 5 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas That Mom Will THANK You For!

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So, you’re attending a baby shower. Plenty of folks will be giving diapers and adorable outfits to the expecting mom to be. Embarking on motherhood is a rite of passage, but it can certainly be daunting and downright expensive. Baby showers help the new mom out tremendously, along with showering her and baby with lots of love.

While diapers and clothes are certainly useful, she will get enough to carry her over for months and months. It’s time to think of things that mom might not get much of, if at all. If you’re already a mom, you know that babies require more than meets the eye. I’ve scoured the internet, along with using my own experience as a mother, to show you the BEST baby shower gift ideas that mom-to-be will THANK you for!!



1.) Angel Dear loveys: Without a lovey from Angel Dear, I don’t think I would’ve ever gotten my daughter to sleep through the night. She received her first one inside of her first Easter basket, and the rest is history. We’ve now gone through several lovies, and it honestly was the best purchase I’ve made during her baby years. These soft loveys will help baby fall asleep faster and sounder, and it also encourages self-soothing. These loveys are available in a multitude of animal designs, including (but not limited to) a duck, lamb, kitty, and puppy.



2. A Nursing Pillow: One extra valuable gift I received at my baby shower was a nursing pillow. Although I did not nurse, it still came in handy during feeding time and when I wanted to get more cuddles in without straining my arm. Who knew an 8lb baby would feel heavy after a while?

The good thing about these pillows is that they come in different textures, patterns and colors. You can get one to match your theme, child’s gender, or whatever your preference is!



3. A Musical Toy: Eventually that sweet tiny newborn is going to grow into a learning-at-a-rapid-pace crawler/walker. One toy they will sure to be into is something musical, whether it be a miniature piano, drum set or xylaphone. Babies enjoy music like no other, and it is also nutritious brain food! Maybe you’ll have a budding musical prodigy in the making!



4. Safety Products: Babies are naturally curious. It’s how they learn about the world around them. Unfortunately, a lot can harm them, such as sharp edges, stair cases and cleaning supplies. Most people don’t gift safety products, but this is certainly a must-have!



5. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste: This is quite possibly the best gift you can give to an expecting parent. At least one time during baby’s first year, they will endure a diaper rash. It’s practically inevitable. Thankfully, you don’t have to let them suffer. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is there for you and baby during those trying times. No other diaper rash cream is able to relieve and prevent diaper rash quite like Butt Paste. When my daughter was a baby, we relied on Butt Paste, and it never failed to relieve her diaper rash quickly and effortlessly.

Want to know the icing on the cake? There are NO harsh ingredients! It is paraben-, preservative-, and phthalate-free..and also contains NO artificial fragrances! I can achieve peace of mind knowing that I’m not applying nasty chemicals onto my baby’s sensitive skin. Butt Paste is made with safe and simple ingredients!

Butt Paste is available in three types:

Original: For minor to moderate diaper rash
Maximum Strength: For stubborn rash that needs to be relieved STAT
All Natural: For minor to moderate diaper rash. This type is made with natural ingredients and is petroleum-free.

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