What’s In My Purse?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are my own (as they always are).

A purse is a gal’s most prized accessory. We store everything in there – our wallet, our keys, our makeup, our receipts and our gum wrappers. I clean my purse out every two or three weeks, and I’m shocked at some of the items that I find. Was it really necessary for me to have a dozen ponytail holders and 3534523551 bobby pins? I guess you never know when you’re going to need them!

I’m an avid YouTube watcher, and “what’s in my purse” videos seem to be all the rage among the beauty and fashion vloggers. I’m excited to share what’s in MY purse – realistically! I don’t have tons of money to splurge on a high end brand purse, wallet, key fob, or ID holder. The contents of my purse, after all the paper and ponytail/bobby pin surplus is disposed of,  has a purpose – to make my life easier when I’m on the go.



I purchased my purse at Target back in 2013. Not only is the style SO me, but it holds sentimental value. My grandmother passed away June 2013, and I needed to purchase funeral appropriate dresses for Bella and myself. While I was there, I picked up this edgy purse. I like to think that I’m a rockstar (in my head, at least), and this purse screams that sentiment! My purse is the perfect size for a busy mom on the go. It’s not bulky, but it carries everything that I need or might possibly need.



If I were to ever come into some money or my boyfriend wanted to blow a couple hundred dollars on a purse, this is the one I would choose. How adorable is this Disney Shopper bag from Dooney & Bourke?!



After I poured out the contents of my purse, I noticed a theme going on…Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Mickey Mouse. Yeah, I’m definitely a die hard Disney fanatic.



Let’s get this show on the road!!

1. Chuck E. Cheese coins – I’m sure I have even more tucked away in crevices I have forgotten. While Chuck E. isn’t my favorite mouse (duh), Bella thoroughly enjoys our visits. When she was 18 months old, we visited and I accidentally stumbled upon a cheat for the Deal or No Deal game to where I received the maximum number of tickets with each play. I just chose the case with my birth day on it, case #11. Booyah.

2. Pony tail – Wait, just one? I’m afraid that my pony tails and my bobby pins teleport into a new package that I’m forced to (re)buy.

3. Victoria’s Secret leopard print makeup bag – If you were to take a glance around my room, you’ll notice I have a thing for animal print. I only store my absolute essentials that I cannot leave the house without in this bag. I will reveal what’s inside of my makeup bag later on in this post.

4. Lion King wallet – I purchased this bad boy from Hot Topic. The Lion King is my #1 most cherished movie of all time, and the scene depicted on the wallet is one of my favorites. I still get tears rolling down my cheeks when Mufasa dies. It’s been over 20 years. You’d think the grieving process would be done already. Never forget who you are.



5. DASANI® water and DASANI DROPS® Infusions – As I’m working on my health and weight loss, I’m guzzling down water like it’s going out of style. While I do enjoy drinking plain ol’ water, it does get boring, and I crave additional flavor. Thankfully, I now rely on DASANI DROPS® Infusions to get me through my day. It’s compact enough to fit in the pocket inside of my purse so it doesn’t get lost in the abyss known as “the bottom of my purse”. The lime flavor is my new love, and I also love that it is unsweetened, naturally flavored and has NO color added and *gasp* ZERO calories.



I have lost over 20lbs, and I wouldn’t be able to say that without these flavor enhancers from DASANI®.  DASANI DROPS® Infusions are available at your local Target, so be sure to use the Target Cartwheel App to get coupons that you can use at checkout.



6. Keys/keychains – Look at all that Mickey Mouse. At the end of May, I’ll be returning back “home”, and you can bet I’ll get another keychain to add  to my little collection. In addition to the Mouse, I’m in love with Bath and Body Works’ I Love Pumpkin hand sanitizer. I know it’s almost summer, but fall scents are where it’s at. I can’t wait for October to come back to me!

7. Be Enchanted fragrance mist – If you’re curious as to what Heaven might smell like, just spray Bath and Body Works’ Be Enchanted fragrance mist. I don’t care that the bottle is big; I carry it around everywhere.

8. White beanie – It’s getting hot outside, but I use this hat for my hair emergencies. If a pony tail can’t fix a bad hair day, I resort to putting this beanie on my head. I believe I bought this at Claire’s.

9. Pink Mickey Mouse sunglasses – You can’t see it too well in my photos, but there’s a white Mickey Mouse head on the sides of the frames. I bought these at Disney World when I stupidly forgot to pack my sunnies. They’re now all I wear.



10. Secret clear gel deodorant – I’m working on not being a judgmental person, but I worry about those who don’t have a stick of deodorant in their purse (or gym bag…ESPECIALLY gym bag).

11. Beauty and the Beast hair brush – I purchased this at Hot Topic. On the front of the handle, it says “Once Upon a Time”. If you’re ever wanting to brush out your daughter’s tangles, this is the brush to use. When using this, Bella feels the Disney magic and stays calm. (FYI, stay tuned, as I will be posting a tutorial on how to brush out tangles with NO tears on the blog).

12. Trident Layers gum – The only gum I will ever chew. I save these for my flights to and from New York City to help with the pressure, but there are times I need to pull out a piece due to dry mouth or to suppress my appetite.



I told you I was going to get to the makeup bag

13. Tarte Amazonian Clay – This full coverage airbrush foundation costs more than I usually spend on foundations, but it is worth it’s weight in gold. Whenever I apply it to my face, I feel like an airbrushed model in a magazine…or on Instagram. If there are any blemishes on my face, you’d never know.

14. Beauty 9 brush – I use this to touch up my foundation, as it’s easier to correct on a small portion of my skin versus the bigger brushes that I use to initially apply.



15. Urban Decay Naked Basics – Since the Naked3 palette is GIGANTIC, I carry the smaller Naked Basics palette in my makeup bag. Anything that Urban Decay releases is sure to be a hit. I have yet to use an Urban Decay product that I didn’t like. The Naked Basics palette includes your crucial neutral shades that are ideal for any eye shape, eye color or season.

16. Billion Dollar Brows Brow Powder and Brow Brush – My eyebrows used to look flat out awful, as I was guilty of over-plucking. For the past two years or so, I’ve managed to have flawless brows thanks to Billion Dollar Brows brow powder and brow brush. I use the taupe shade, and it matches perfectly with my dark hair and beige skin.

17. Maybelline Define-a-Line Eyeliner – This eyeliner is perfect for those who don’t want to use an eyeliner pencil, but do not have surgeon hands to use liquid eyeliner. This is the second one I’ve gone through, so I’m glad it’s a drugstore brand!

18. Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes Mascara – The packaging is so sassy and glam. I feel like a famous movie star before the wand even reaches my lashes. My lashes are not as thick or long as I’d like, but with this mascara, I’m able to achieve the volume and length I desire without resorting to drops or medication.

What is the most important item in your purse? 

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